CubeShot 2022 | CubeNation
After the success of the first photo event in 2020, we are back. This time we are calling it “CubeShot 2022”, a platform for you to showcase your photogenic cubes.
How to participate:
1) Capture your favorite cubing moment.
2) Publicly post your photo on your Facebook wall in the following format:
“Title of your picture”
CubeShot Submission
3) Fill this formΒ
4) Done! (You may share your post to gain likes, without spamming)
1) The photo must be owned by you to participate.
2) You must be a resident of Bangladesh to win.
Top 20 will be selected based on their Image Likes(30% weight[Max reached at 100 likes)) and Judge marking(70%).
These 20 people will then publish their final photo on the event page on 3rd January 2021.
The final result will be published on 8th January.
1st Prize – 1000 BDT Cash
2nd Prize – 1000 BDT CubeNation Credit (only usable in CubeNation Store)
3rd Prize – A CubeNation Card (This prize exists just for memes)
Deadlines for submission: 3rd April 2022; 11:45 PM
Result dates: 5th April 2022; 09:00 PM (Live on Page)

Facebook event link:


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