The Beginning of CubeNation
the beginning
A cubeshop started on August 2016, by an agonized Cuber who wanted a cubing related shop, that could give him the necessary specs that he needed at an understandable price. So he started a shop.
How it all started



It started with Zero-Investment(allegedly) by taking pre-orders from the customers. Like most of the startups, it failed miserably on it’s first attempt. The calculation for the shipment and custom tax was dangerously wrong.

 The very first shipment


He had to bear a loss of 50k and suddenly, he was at a very bad position. He thought of going rogue too. Luckily, his mother was very helpful and gave him 50k and expected him to quit the shop once he clears his dues to his customers.
She had never been so wrong in her life!
He tried again and again until he finally understood the import regulations, consulted with a few people and got connected to customs. Then he dealt with his suppliers in China to get the cubes, created a website(with the help of a friend), made visiting cards, purchased shipping materials and other related stuff. Everything was set.
anonymous philosopher once said, “Just Name it!”
So we had to name our venture. We searched for good names for days. Yet, we couldn’t find any that would suit us. Out of the blue, one of our cuber friend, Sreshtho, on August 27th, 2016, voiced the word “CubeNation”.

 Website Sep 2016



Website Aug 2019





Over time, Cubenation became very popular. We will cease to provide the top-notch service we used to give and would try to improve even beyond that everyday. Happy cubing!

Happy cubing!

[Oh yes, just in case you are thinking, he returned the 50k to his mom pretty quickly after that.]


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