CubingClassroom RS3 M 3×3 2020
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CubingClassroom RS3 M 3×3 2020

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CubingClassroom RS3 M 3×3 2020 is the best speedcube under 1000 BDT. You can easily reach sub-10 with this cube. We heavily recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome cube to start their journey.

This cube features a dual-adjustment system, magnets, and a frosted surface to reduce scratches. With premium features like these at this price range, RS3M is certainly one of the best value cubes you can buy.


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31 reviews for CubingClassroom RS3 M 3×3 2020
  • rkrafi004

    My initial thoughts on this cube: Handfeel is much better than other cubes I’ve ever used because of its frosted plastic. Out of the box it is dry and sandy. Corner cuts 45 deg. and the reverse cut is far better than you expect from a 799 Taka cube. It’s also quite and smooth.
    Lube recommendation : Traxxas 50K
    if you have a budget of 500 then, add 300 to it and buy this cube. Again, if you have a budget of 1000, then save 200 and buy this

  • Mahee Abdullah (verified owner)

    This cube is very fast out of the box. It will be very hard to control if you are not used to a fast cube. It has the spring compression system, which can be set with the finger nails too. I like it’s colour shades with frosted plastic. The magnet strength is slightly moderate. It should have needed to be a bit more strong as it is very fast. You can add some extra magnets according to your choice. You should use a high density lube to control its speed. But I like the feel of this cube. It is very enjoyable, very smooth. It corner cuts hardly 45° with the loosest setting. Reverse cut is about 2 mm away from line to line. Corner cut is not a problem as it doesn’t lock up easily. I have set the tightest(8th) spring compression settings to make it more controllable and stable. Overall it is a great cube. You won’t get this kind of enjoyable feeling in any cube within its price, I think. It can be said the best cube in 800 tk and even better than many other expensive cubes.

  • yeashachy (verified owner)

    I love the megnets feeling totally…its cool. Awesome..outstanding

  • Cuber ★Seemanto

    Just Awesom..
    Very hard it will control if u don’t use a fast cube.
    Colors are very good,easy to recogniz.
    Cornercut’s very smoothl. If u turn it so fast u can’t feel it’s cornercut.
    If u are looking for a Budget cube, order it right now.
    My avg was 18-20 before buying and my is now 14-16 after using it.

  • Sofikul Islam

    I recived my product 2 day after ordering . Thanks for that . the cube was in great condition .
    It was an very good experience , orerall .

  • Radoan Islam

    That’s an awesome cube..
    Corner cutting are good …
    Smooth feeling
    Anyone can buy it without any doubt……..

  • Mushfiq (verified owner)

    An insane cube. My first megnetic cube…This is the best cube under 2.5k …

  • AbeDM

    The cube is awesome. I like it very much ??.

  • rizonesta8-4091

    It is one of the best or the best cube I ever had.Thank you very much Cubenation.

  • marufhc221

    Which lube should I buy for it ?

    • Sub-1

      Go for Dayan 10ml

  • jahidreza123456

    কিউবটা অস্থির এটা এই সময়ে সবচেয়ে ভালো বাজেট কিউব। তবে ম্যাগনেট গুলা খুব উইক। এর জন্য এক্সট্রা ম্যাগনেট কেনা ভালো হবে।

  • Siam Ahmed

    magnet aren’t strong or medium , it’s too week in this cube. overall 4 out of 5.

  • mdmaozzemhossain007

    valo cube

  • mdmoazzemhossain007

    best for this price

  • yaminwahedcuber

    Out of the box the cube was pretty loose.the tensioning was pretty random so you have to retension it. the magnets were pretty weak so you can add magnet to your preferences. After tensioning and lubing the cube I have got to say the cube is better than its price. the corner cutting is perfect and the performance is also good. The turning feels also really good. Great for its price!!!

  • zafeer shahed (verified owner)

    a very good cube for its price

  • Nafil Munawar (verified owner)

    The best budget cube. You can’t get anything better than this with less than 1k budget!

  • Jisan H Abdullaj (verified owner)

    Flawless performance but the magnets are a bit weak

  • Taseen reza


  • sajidul islam (verified owner)

    Out of the box, this cube is very fast. Feels like uncontrollable. Corner cutting is very good. Lightweight, feels just perfect balance in hand. Worth buying.

  • tashrikhalim3

    This is the best cube in this price range.and i am very satisfied with cube nation service. i think it is the best cube shop in bd.

  • ahsanhiru123

    This is the best

  • aymanroop18

    Cube tah ki ekhn order dewa jabe, naki after 25th March order dite hbe? Ar delivery koto din lagbe

    • Sub-1

      You can order today. We will deliver once it arrives around 25th March. There’s a production issue going on since January 2021. Should be fixed by March 28th.

  • tbtibro155

    i had this cube and it’s half distroyed because one day it become lost and someone played football with it. but that does’nt mean this is a bad cube this is the best cube after gan 11 m pro

  • terrygamesyt

    It is amzing.

  • nha3590

    It is a awesome cube

  • sanimraiyan99

    Does it have magnets?

    • Sub-1

      Yes. M=Magnets

  • sanimraiyan99

    the color is not that vivid or good, but it does have speed. so, i would rather give 4 stars for that.

  • nzsiansaikat (verified owner)

    It is good for its price.It is very stable out of the box.Corner cutting is also good.Magnet’s performance is nice.Colours are very nice.It is very very nice to look.Delivery is also fast.I recommend it for sub 12.This is my Unboxing video link:
    Everyone will know about it’s performance in the video.Thanks to CubeNation.

  • eusufshahriar (verified owner)

    its a great cube. help me improve it…. which lube and megnet i will use? also i can not attach megnet. can anyone help me?

  • Md. Amanat Alam (verified owner)

    This cube is amazing and it is best budget magnetic cube. Anyone can easily be sub-10 with this cube if they work hard. If you want to get a cube which offers premium feeling, then you are in right place.

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