Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 Cube stickerless
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  • Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 Cube stickerless

Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 Cube stickerless

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Moyu Meilong is Moyu’s latest Budget 3×3. If you are looking for a smooth, budget-friendly 3×3 cube that doesn’t break your pocket, get this for 299 BDT.

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Meilong is the latest budget oriented cube from Moyu. Turns smooth and works well for beginners.

16 reviews for Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 Cube stickerless
    Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 Cube stickerless photo review
    April 25, 2022
    I'm new at cubing tho, expectation was a bit high but for 299tk this is a bang for buck.
    Romana Nourin
    March 28, 2021
    Apparently, the perfect one for this reasonable price, and its smoothness is pretty good. Thank you Cubenation!
    January 1, 2021
    Amazing cube! It is one of the best budget cubes. I recommend you to buy this.
    December 21, 2020
    One of the best under 500 taka.. ?
    December 21, 2020
    খুব একটা স্মুথ না।মুভ করতে খুব প্যারা লাগতেছে।
    December 9, 2020
    Best cube
    November 25, 2020
    It didn't match my expectations. However considering it's price and performance it will be an good budget cube for beginners (may not be the best choice for experienced cubers).
    October 11, 2020
    This cube very fast and smooth but a bit unstable. Considering the cheap price the cube is really good.. Thank you cubenation.
    October 8, 2020
    Excellent !!!
    October 3, 2020
    This is the best 3x3 under 300 BDT, hands down.
    Zahir Farhan
    March 18, 2020
    February 25, 2020
    This cube is over-all really good because of the price... I wouldn't recommend to beginners as when not tensioned it isn't as good. But after a good set-up this cube as 50 degrees of corner cutting, feels like a YuXin Little Magic and I'm happy with how I've set it up
    December 1, 2019
    Ami 2 din age amer cube order disi akhono pai nai
    October 9, 2019
    Very first and smooth cube but bit unstable!
    September 27, 2019
    Its a really good cube but its a bit unstable sometimes so I dont recommend beginners to buy it
    Tamjid Ahmed
    July 21, 2019
    The performance is epic considering the cheap price. A great cube Indeed. Farabi ordered it for me. And It's running smooth.
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