Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube
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  • Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube

Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube

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Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube

1 review for Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube
    Moyu Weilong WR 3x3x3 Cube photo review
    Suyaeed Ahmaad Zarif
    December 31, 2021
    Moyu Weilong WR M is a legendary cube if I say so. Though it is a cube released about 3 years ago, it still out-performs many cubes, even flagships released in 2021. I have been maining this cube for a long time, and never though of changing it. The duel adjustment is really good and effective. For magnet strength, for many people, it may be a bit weak, but for me, it's ok. The cube has a unique feeling, controllable, fast and effortless turns. It is a really good cube and it is for everybody. I was sub-15, when I got this cube and now I consistently average about 9-10 seconds, that is sub-11. I would say that it is a really good cube and I think it will be really hard for me to ditch this and get a new main.
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