YJ MGC 2×2 Magnetic Cube
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  • YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic Cube

YJ MGC 2×2 Magnetic Cube

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YJ MGC 2×2 Magnetic Cube

2 reviews for YJ MGC 2×2 Magnetic Cube
    YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic Cube photo review
    Suyaeed Ahmaad Zarif
    November 22, 2021
    YJ MGC is one of the best 2x2s I have used. It is a very good performing cube!! I don't know about the sticker-less version, but the shades on the stickered version is really nice. It has half-bright shades for the stickers. Performance wise, it is really solid. It is smaller than other traditional 2x2s, I think about 48-49 mm and though it takes time to get use to the size, after you get used to it, it just shines!! Magnets on this cube are on the stronger side which I personally like. It's corner-cutting is good too!! Reverse corner-cutting is exceptionally well, only locking up in 1 single place. Normal corner-cutting is good but not like the reverse. The cube is very stable as well as really forgiving. Though corner-cutting is not the best, the cube doesn't lock-up at all like lock-ups are like really really rare. Overall, a really solid cube and it has been my main for a long time.
    November 30, 2020
    Its the best 2x2 i ever had
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