YJ MGC 6×6 M
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  • YJ MGC 6x6 M
  • YJ MGC 6x6 M
  • YJ MGC 6x6 M

YJ MGC 6×6 M

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YJ MGC 6×6 is a flagship 6×6 from YongJun puzzles. This is the best 6×6 in the market right now, also at the cheapest overall.

Most of the top cubers are using it as of May 2021. No matter when you purchase it, it’s going to be a great 6×6.


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YJ MGC 6×6 M

3 reviews for YJ MGC 6×6 M
    YJ MGC 6x6 M photo review
    August 28, 2022
    The cube is great.. out of the box it was a bit loose so i had to tighten the screws..then it was perfect .. the speed of the cube is outstanding for a 6*6 and the size is comparatively small at least compared to my old wuhua (trash) I love it
    YJ MGC 6x6 M photo review
    Sayan Shahriar Eshan
    May 22, 2022
    Best 6x6 on the market. After adding a bit of lube and tensioning the spring a bit it turns very smoothly and almost not pops! The magnets are by far the best I have seen on a 6x6. Trust me if you want a 6x6 you have to get this one.
    YJ MGC 6x6 M photo review
    December 5, 2021
    Performs insanely great
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